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VTG Rail UK in its present form was created in 2002 after the acquisition of Brambles European Rail Division by VTG-LEHNKERING AG, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Prior to this point the company traded as CAIB UK Ltd but apart from the name change and alternative head office location (Brambles ERD was based in Düsseldorf) the organisation remains largely unchanged from its immediate predecessor. In 2005, VTG was sold and the US Investor Wilbur Ross became the new owner. In 2007, VTG finally took the plunge and went public. Since then, the Hamburg-based company has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has also been in the SDAX small-cap index since September 2008. Investor Wilbur Ross still has a majority share holding of 50%.

As a group of companies with a broad international structure and 60 years' experience in the railway business, VTG is well equipped for a future in which it transports even more goods and raw materials safely and sustainably.

The UK offices of VTG Rail UK are now in Quinton, Birmingham, close to J3 of the M5, having relocated from its Worcester offices at the beginning of May 2008.

Delving further back into history the company can trace its roots through Procor, STS, BRTE and Traffic Services having associations with companies in Canada, France and the USA.

Wagon Fleet

For your convenience VTG Rail UK's wagon fleet has been divided into three distinct sectors.

The Bulk fleet is primarily concerned with the transportation of dry and finished products whilst the Tank fleet has specialist equipment used for the transportation of all manner of liquid and gas products. Our new Intermodal fleet comprises of a range of container carrying wagons including our new Ecofret wagon which is available in Twin or Triple configurations.


If you have any questions or requests our team will be pleased to help you.